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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crispy Dosa


You may think why I am posting this simple recipe. There are so many tricks involved in making dosa. Generally dosa batter is thinner than the idli batter. This is required to make crisper dosas. You need to make slight change in the proportion of ingredients for soft idli and crisper dosa.  Let’s go into the dosa recipe.


Idly rice – 2 cups
Whole  Urad dhal (de seeded) – ½ cup
Fenugreek seeds/Vendhayam – ½ tsp
Water -  as needed
Rock salt – to taste.


Wash and rinse the rice and dhal well with plenty of water.
Soak rice separately for 6 hours
Soak Urad dhal, fenugreek seeds in other vessel for 6 hours.
Remember after 6 hours the rice should be easy to break with fingers and dhal & methi seeds will be swollen.
Grind the dhal and methi seeds first using a wet grinder till fluffy and soft. It might roughly take 15-20 minutes. Turn off the grinder and transfer the contents from it to a large vessel.
Grind the rice in the same grinder (need not wash) to a smooth batter. It will take roughly 20–25 minutes. Before turning off the grinder add rock salt grind for a minute. Transfer the grinded rice to the same large bowl with dhal.
Now stir gently with your hands. Use your hands only as body heat is needed for fermentation. Cover the large bowl (do not use air tight lid) and keep it in a warm place, roughly about 8 hours. If the temperature is cold keep it in oven for 10 hours(do not turn on the oven).
After fermentation the batter would be frothy and would have raised double in volume. If fermentation is too thick add water for pouring dosa. 


Place a iron tawa on the stove. If you find the tawa sticky see this link.
Tawa should be hot enough before pouring the dosa. Check it by splashing couple of droplets of water on the pan and it should sizzle.
Now pour a ladle of batter on the hot tawa and keep spreading it in circular motion outwards.
Cook on a medium heat till it turns golden brown.
Now, flip the dosa and let it cook till its light brown on other side

Serve it with podi or chutney or tiffin sambhar.

To know more tips on dosa click on this link.

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