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Hi, This is Ramya. Here with some recipes that will spice up your taste buds.  I live with my sweet little naughty daughters and ever charming husband who always appreciate me as a person and inspired me to come up with this blog.

Home food is balanced, aromatic, hygienic, healthy and comforting. The idea behind this blog is to inspire everyone to cook. Cooking began early at home for me. When most of the recipes  posted here are learnt from my mom, friends and other cookery shows, some of them are my own inventions ;)  Being a vegetarian, I can post only vegetarian recipes. I hope you all have fun and enjoy trying out my recipes :)

Good luck with the cookery, and feel free to suggest or share any good recipes of your own. And if anyone cooks anything written on here, I would love to hear from you.

If you have any question, feedback or comment, please post in the comment section.


  1. I love your healthy, nourishing recipes... I am going to subscribe.

  2. Thank you Diane Balch! :):):)